Health, welfare and immersion in nature

Health, welfare and immersion in nature

Transformative experiences in health, wellbeing... And nature

What do you do when your back or muscles ache? Do you know how to manage tiredness or lack of concentration? Do you have strategies to channel anxiety? Do you know how to relax when you really need to?

We know that our bodies can experience a range of aches and pains or ailments, due to stress, our lifestyle or relationships. But we also know that people who have learned to listen to their bodies can treat many of these symptoms themselves, and restore their equilibrium and health through simple techniques.

At Medisport, we aim to develop each individual’s potential to care for their own health. For this purpose, we have created a programme that teaches you how, drawing on the magic of contact with nature.

What do we offer?

We teach you to listen to your body, so you can be actively involved in identifying and resolving small health problems which, if not dealt with in time, can worsen or become chronic. Together with our therapists, you will learn simple, practical techniques to improve your health, with the opportunity to practise them in natural surroundings.

Ours is a holistic approach to medicine that works on four dimensions: the physical body, emotions, mind and energy, encouraging the patient to be involved in their own improvement.

There are three stages:

    • Online 40 min. medical consultation: Conversation with our specialist doctor. Planning personalised self-healing strategies.
    • We then assign you an expert to teach you:
      • Self-treatment of areas of pain
      • Jacobson relaxation and other techniques.
      • Abdominal breathing techniques.
      • How to harmonise the four health dimensions: body, emotions, mind and energy.
    • We take you outside into unique natural surroundings so you can reconnect with nature, merging body awareness with environmental awareness.

Why use Medisport?

    • 21 years’ experience of implementing the latest preventive healthcare techniques, through physical activity.
    • We believe in the individual’s capacity for self-healing and a holistic approach to medicine.
    • Because we know that deep contact with nature promotes and accelerates the rebalancing of all dimensions of the individual’s health.

Learn breathing to manage your emotions


Learn to explore how you breathe and how to increase oxygen levels throughout your whole body, through very simple exercises. You will begin to understand the influence of your emotions on your body.

Recommended for

Shallow breathers (a third of the population) who suffer from tiredness, respiratory conditions, muscle pain, attention and concentration deficiencies, depression, anxiety.

Learn to self-treat areas of pain and listen to your body


To learn introspection and listen to your body, doing stretches with mindfulness and discovering the state of each muscle, which ones are most contracted and how to begin to care for them.

Recommended for

Patients suffering from tiredness, stress, insomnia, lack of concentration, anxiety, contractures, musculoskeletal conditions (subacromial syndrome, epicondylitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff disorders, tendonitis in the Achilles tendon, fascia lata or gluteus, impingements, fasciitis, etc.), back pain and other kinds of muscle pain.