Presentation of Medisport

Medisport, Sports Medicine & Physiotherapy Centre, opened its doors in the month of May 1999, born with the aim to provide professional help, assessment and follow-up to the Andorran sportsmen in order to improve their level of training, and to promote physical exercise among the population of Andorra.

Medisport is a multidisciplinary centre where the examination and integral treatment of issues related to sports are incorporated in the same environment, and special attention is paid to the fields of physical fitness evaluation, prevention and treatment of sports injuries, re-training in sports and promotion of health through physical activity.

Marcel Escoda, Cristina Santuré, Carme Mombiedro and Bernat Escoda united our dreams and efforts in order to start this project, our means were scarce, and the institutional support to the project, inexistent.

Today, our belief that Medisport is a consolidated institution is based on the fidelity of our patients and customers.

During all these years we have been improving our installations, we have collaborated with a variety of our colleagues and friends, each of whom made his or her own special contribution to our project, we have added new services.

During the latest years Liliana Lopez has replaced Cristina Santuré as the team leader in charge of the team of physiotherapists and physical trainers: Maria FarguesNadia Rossell, Meritxell Gallego, Laia BrufauThéo Rogue, Judith Fonoll, Gemma Bullich, Alba Muñoz, Jordi Zaragoza. We also count with the collaboration of our administrative support specialists Dolors Tato and Ruth Gonçalves.

Dr Isabel Castro puts her extensive experience in Biological Medicine at the disposal of our users.

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