Podiatry has several facets and is aimed at anyone with a foot disorder, from a preventive and diagnostic point of view.

We carry out a biomechanical examination that consists of analysing the walk and run, foot posture (pressures and forces), and a muscular and postural assessment. In this way, we obtain the data required to manufacture orthotic insoles to alleviate pain and reduce static and dynamic morphological conditions.

We also specialise in child podiatry and sports podiatry. In the case of a sports patient, we carefully analyse their environment to ensure good results in their sports performance. We consider the discipline, frequency, sports technique, terrain, type of footwear and the ambitions of each individual. Through this comprehensive examination of the sportsperson, we can provide the most suitable answer to treat each type of pain effectively.

When to consult us: if there is foot pain, foot defects or deformities, knee, loin or back pain (lumbago), pain in the sole of the foot, leg length discrepancy, tendinitis, etc.

The rest of our work focusses on foot care, i.e. skin and nail disorders in children, adults, sportspeople and diabetics.

When to consult us: corns, calluses, hyperkeratosis, soft corns, ingrown toenails, fungal infections, verrucas, etc. We also carry out foot reflexology sessions, combining massage and acupressure on reflex zones of the foot.